Easy, Simple, Fast.


Introducing the first iOS® app dedicated to repeatedly remind you.  It handles complex reminders that are repeated several times within a day, such as a reminder to drink a water every hour between 9am-5pm.  Neither the standard Calendar app nor the Reminders app can handle this!  reRemind me has been designed to fill in these missing features, and has been designed with the iOS 7 design principles to look great and blend in with your iPhone automatically.  Even the icon has been meticulously designed to be simple, yet detailed.  It also uses fancy mathematical algorithms to quickly and efficiently handle all of your reReminder needs.

Our users have used this app for an endless amount of reReminders ranging from reminders for drinking water to taking vitamins and medicine,watering plants, doing pushups, and even reminders to call mom!  We are positive that you can easily find a use for reRemindMe.

The usage is simple and you can easily set reminders for intervals ranging from 23 hours and 59 minutes all the way down to one minute.  You can even set reminders for certain days of the week (like weekdays) and start and end times, such as 9am-5pm so you won't get reReminded in the middle of the night!  reRemindMe also doesn’t have ads nor in-app purchases.